Staying Power

I had a call with one of my clients today, who said that some ranking guy from a big bank said the company had to move to New York, or Miami or Boston from where it is.  Apparently he didn’t cite any particularly good reason.  Here’s what I had to say,

"Once someone becomes a real part of your story, like the person from Nickelodeon IF you put them on your board, or the guy from the big bank, who says he will invest in your second round, please feel free to connect me with them.  I want to talk to them about you and your company, and test their theories that you share with me, to see if they themselves really believe them.   Any conversation I have like that will add in their confidence in you and your business.  The more the people in your business start speaking directly to each other, without you being involved, the better, because this will pollenate better ideas for them to share with you, and they will start to see that there is more to this business than just you.

…might they say something bad about you?  Yes, but so what.  I met you in 07, and you are still around now.  You’ll be around long after this Nichelodeon, or big bank person has left their position at whatever company.  Those jobs usually last 2-3 years, 5 years tops.  Over the last 20 years, I have learned that it is staying power that wins more than any other single factor with start-ups.  If you can just keep it going long enough, then eventually you will figure out how to win the game.”