Cloud Media Deals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Or All the Same?


Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, Apple iTunes Music Store, Guvera, Grooveshark…So many opportunities, most are fundamentally different. How do you evaluate which deals are good? What are the differences between the models and monetization? What are the licensing issues? If regulatory and case law is primarily reactive, then it follows the cutting edge of music law is contract practice and how exactly the above questions are answered.

Moderator:  David Mazur, MasurLaw

– David Leibowitz, CH Potomac- Managing Partner

– Matt Laszuk, IRIS Distribution – President

– Jason Pascal, The Orchard- Vice President & Associate General Counsel

– Lee Knife, DiMa- General Counsel and Director

– Adam Parness, Rhapsody- Senior Director of Music Licensing