Consumer & Enterprise Categories

P2P Market Conference at Cornell Club, March 17, 2009

Presented by the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA)

Topic: Consumer & Enterprise Categories – What are the Strategic Implications of P2P in Key Market Segments?

How are the market strategies different for using P2P to distribute consumer entertainment and corporate enterprise data? What characteristics are required for P2P companies to succeed in key market segments? Should P2P software companies concurrently pursue multiple strategies? How do live P2P streaming and P2P file downloading impact major market segments? What unique market attributes can yield new opportunities for monetization?

Moderator: Elaine Reiss, Best Practices, Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA)

Steve Mannel, Cable & Broadband Solutions Executive, IBM
Steve Masur, Managing Partner, MasurLaw
Morgan Reed, Executive Director, Association for Competitive Technology (ACT)
Colin Sebastian, SVP, Equity Research, Lazard Capital Markets
Chuck Stormon, CMO, PacketExchange