David Friedensohn, President & CEO, UPOC Networks, Inc.

I had been aware of MasurLaw for some time, but never made the switch until I took the role of CEO at UPOC.  We had a limited budget and needed a firm that could quickly understand our situation, so I decided to give MasurLaw a try.  They took over what had been left by a previous large firm and handled the complexities of the third tranche of our later stage investment round with flying colors.  Since then, I have come to rely on MasurLaw for our complex licensing deals and to handle our various problems as a general counsel would, outsourcing to litigation or patent counsel when necessary and reporting to me results or problems.  With MasurLaw, I am confident that all of our legal problems will be expertly handled, but that I won’t have to justify exorbitant legal fees to my board.  All in all, it’s been a great experience.”