Digital Hollywood 2011: “The shift in technology is causing a chaos situation” in Venture Funding, Entertainment, Mobile & Games

Jon9 interviewed Steve Masur for Hollywood Today at Digital Hollywood 2011. The full interview is posted here but here is a snippet for your reading pleasure:

By Jon Stolzberg:

“Steven Masur, MasurLaw joins Kushal Saha, Cascadia Capital; Len Rand, Granite Ventures; Larry Marcus, Walden Venture Capital; and Derek L. Norton, Watertower Group in a panel moderated by Joey Tamer, S.O.S. Inc.

DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD 2011: Steven Masur, Senior Attorney, MasurLaw

Managing New Media Contracts: An Attorney’s Perspective.

“The shift in technology is causing a chaos situation where whole new categories are starting and old categories are getting peeled off – and it’s all happening very quickly…A lot of people will lose their market share. Other people will gain that market share and maybe even expand it.” – Steve Masur

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