DMS: Mobile Music On Trial

Canadian Music Week, March 13, 2009

Toronto, Canada

Topic: DMS: Mobile Music On Trial

Are you fed up with all the hype about mobile music? Want to find out whats really going on? Music Ally puts mobile music on trial and invites you to become a member of the jury.

New Bundled music services such as Nokia’s Comes With Music and Sony Ericsson’s PlayNow Plus and others look set to reinvigorate the mobile music market. Current research shows that consumers download just a small fraction of the songs available on full-track mobile services. A dose of perspective was given by a survey from Jupiter Research which found that two thirds of 1,800 Americans polled were simply not interested in listening to music on their mobiles. So Music Ally puts mobile music in the dock and asks whether mobile music is guilty of promising more than it can actually deliver

Judge: Steven Masur, Esq., – Managing Director, MasurLaw

Prosecutor: Steve Mayall – Director, music ally, London, UK

Defense: Ralph Simon – Chairman Emeritus, Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas (MEF), London, UK

Expert witnesses include:
Nathan Rosenberg – VP Brand Marketing, Virgin Mobile Canada, Toronto, ON
Trevor Madigan – Americas Mgr. Entertainment & Communities, NOKIA, White Plains, NY

Presented by: Music Ally