The Dream ‘Android’ Cellphone to Showcase Google Brand

The first mobile device powered by Google Inc.’s “Android” mobile phone software is expected to sell for $199 and will showcase the Google brand, a departure from the standard practice of listing only the manufacturer and wireless carrier on handsets, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The phone, branded the “Dream” and powered by the Google-inspired open mobile platform is expected to emerge tomorrow, September 23, and is manufactured by HTC and carried by T-Mobile USA. The Dream breaks a critical price barrier, but it remains uncertain that T-Mobile will enjoy the same popularity that AT&T enjoyed from the iPhone. The pre-release hype on the Dream is far smaller than the equivalent run-up for the iPhone, even on the second-generation, 3G-enabled release this summer. But the Dream is the first of potentially thousands of Android devices, according to a vision first outlined by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt.

Google is also reportedly contributing research and investment muscle towards the launch. That makes sense given the inclusion of Google applications and features within the OS. T-Mobile may also offer cheaper plans on the device, though the carrier has not disclosed specifics.