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DAOs are the Punk Rock of Corporate Law


DAOs represent an evolution of corporate law that moves at the exponential speed of technology.   By Steven Masur and Lydia Amamoo There’s something new and amazing happening in corporate law. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs. What is a...

The Importance of Investor Updates

Start Ups
By: Gabriel Goldenberg & Natasha Harris, with comments from Steven Masur Leading angel investor Jason Calacanis’ Rule of Startups is “If your startup isn’t sending you monthly updates it’s going out of business.”  In other words, keeping your investors...

What to Do To Qualify For QSBS Exemption


By: Steven Masur, Tim Fisher, and Danielle Cerniello We recently analyzed whether entrepreneurs should close their LLC and open a corporation (more specifically, C-Corp) to reduce or avoid capital gains tax on the sale of their company under Section...