Time on Mobile Apps Now Surpasses Web Browsing

By: Kimberly McNally

The mobile applications industry is one with endless possibilities that brings unique concepts and capabilities to any mobile user. It is nearly impossible these days to find anyone that doesn’t have a smartphone. The increased surge in smartphone purchases serves as a significant factor in the growing consumer market for mobile applications.

According to Flurry, a mobile application analytics firm, people now spend a greater amount of time on their mobile apps as opposed to web browsing on their personal computer. While Flurry only has data for approximately one third of the total amount of mobile application use, this conclusion addresses a growing trend in mobile applications. According to Flurry, there has been an increase in the amount of time users spend on mobile applications. The reason for this is that users are constantly checking social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. This is proof of how social media is becoming a larger part of consumer’s lives. It’s all about connecting and staying connected these days.