New Music Downloading Sites Arise

Two advertisement supported mp3 download sites, and have recently licensed the EMI and Universal catalogues, changing the way consumers access music. allows users to legally download music by simply registering with the site and agreeing to the terms of service. Sponsoring brands cover the cost of each download, allowing users unrestricted access to music for free. After users watch short advertisements, registered members are allowed 5 free downloads per week and up to 20 downloads per month.

According to the site, downloaded mp3s can be opened by iTunes or Windows Media Player and copied into the user’s iTunes music folder. Users can play their downloaded tunes on any personal device or burned onto a CD. offers a similar service, allowing users to download ad-supported music for free. Guvera’s mission statement is as follows: “Make music free for the people, prosecute on one, pay artists full price, share the love.”

Guvera takes a different approach with user-targeted, interactive, engagement advertising. Users select the brand that will pay for their downloaded music. They then visit a brand-sponsored channel, which will suggest other music they may find interesting. With this system, users will only see advertisements of their choosing, rather than disruptive advertisements users are unable to click past.

Interestingly, the site boasts that film and TV downloads are on their way.