Blockchain & Digital Currency

Our attorneys help blockchain innovators capitalize on the opportunities presented by blockchain technologies generally, and help them address the challenges presented by their capacity to disrupt aspects of the fintech space in particular. We regularly advise US and foreign clients on issuing new tokens, minting NFTs, and other sales of digital assets, Reg D exempt offerings, Reg A+ offerings, and compliance with state and federal money transmission (AML/KYC) laws. When needed, we help clients identify, engage and coordinate the efforts of advisors in jurisdictions outside the United States. Our Blockchain & Digital Currency practice is enhanced by our two decades of experience representing startups and technology companies on matters involving securities regulation, venture financing, intellectual property, corporate governance, equity compensation, and privacy, and international law issues.

Practice Areas & Experience

We have guided our clients through:

  • Minting NFTs of art, music, digital property, and real estate
  • Tokenization of loyalty rewards points, carbon off-set programs, film, and video distribution and rights management, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mobile-based digital asset marketplaces
  • Application of blockchain technology to music rights, shipping, art provenance, and auction bidding, and social networks (ownership and monetization of personal information)