Special Workshop – DiRghts-3, Music2.0-3

Digital Hollywood, May 5, 2010

Topic: From France to Free: ISP Licensing, Three Strikes You’re Out Laws, and Everything In Between

Hosted by: Steve Masur, Managing Partner, MasurLaw, Dina LaPolt, LaPolt Law, PC, Chris Castle, Managing Partner, Christian L. Castle Attorneys

This workshop focused on the recent frenzy of discussion regarding “three strikes and you’re out” laws and ISP licensing. Currently, some countries are following France and adopting new legislation in which users would lose their right to internet service at home if caught downloading illegal files three or more times. Other countries want to charge a fee for media use at the point of access (user’s ISP bill) and distribute the proceeds to rights holders. The panel discussed these ideas, Choruss and many other proposals for addressing this issue.