Josh Stein


Josh Stein is an experienced corporate development executive with strong strategic sensibility and a keen focus on revenue generation for mature and start-up companies from both the entertainment and technology sectors.

Stein began his career in 2001 as part of the Leveraged Finance Group at Bear Stearns in New York City. He later transited to the legal side as an attorney at Cahill Gordon & Reindel, where he represented investment banks in sizeable cutting-edge financing transactions from inception through their introduction to market.

Stein spent over a decade in finance as an attorney and investment banker raising capital forstartups, publicly traded companies, mergers & acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs, turnarounds, restructurings, reorganizations, and project finance for Bear Stearns, AndrewsKurth and CahillGordon & Reindel. While working with start-ups that successfully gained funding but were unable to execute their strategic plans due to inexperienced management, Stein shifted his efforts toward helping to solve that specific (and growing) business conundrum. He developed a methodology of teaching, while supporting managerial teams on planning, reporting, and day-to-day management protocols instead of just funding. This philosophy was tested and refined to great success by scaling companies across a variety of business arenas, including film, television, print and digital
architecture, and sales in companies as varied as Indomina Media (entertainment finance), Mobotory (enterprise risk management software), Bird Street Books (publishing) and AdLov (fashion project management and industry data analytics).

In 2014 Stein grew the MiCasa Network from a local Houston over-the-air TV station to a digital platform reaching an audience of nearly 60 million viewers via IPTV/OTT, Web streaming and mobile apps. Prior to that, he helped build several businesses for Emmy Award-winning television personality Dr. Phil McGraw, including his publishing company, Bird Street Books, where he secured a strong content pipeline across multiple media, resulting in a #1 NY Times Bestseller and a significant increase in revenues and cost savings during his tenure across all lines of business. Prior to that, he mounted the entertainment finance division of Dominican upstart Indomina Media.
Stein currently leverages his experience to build and grow companies for himself, while continuing to work with client companies of all sizes and from varied industries that usually incorporate new digital technology, such as social media platforms and Virtual Reality, into their business models. Stein’s unique mix of business, legal and quantitative experience continues to allow him to solve complex problems with speed and insight, and a dynamic team approach.

Stein holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and Finance from Brown University and a JD from Brooklyn Law School. He resides in Los Angeles, California.