The Evolution of Mobile Apps

The C’n’B Conference, June 25, 2010

Cologne, Germany

Topic: The Evolution of Mobile Apps

Apps feel like the next big thing. Over 3 billion downloads and over 100.000 applications on Apple’s store alone, not to mention apps available for Android, Symbian and Blackberry smartphones. Are any of these apps making money, and if so, how? How will media companies take advantage of the possibilities created by new devices like the iPad? What innovative marketing strategies can different branches of the creative industries bring into play? Are apps just a temporary phenomena, like ring tones, or nothing more than links to modified website content? How long will they last, and what will replace them? In this presentation and discussion format we will give an overview of the current market situation in Europe, showcase exciting apps within innovative marketing strategies and discuss future perspectives.

Steve Masur, Founding Partner of MasurLaw
Dominic Pride, CEO of Sound Horizon

Arnd Aschentrup, Head of Global Content Operations, Mobile Streams
Joachim Bader, CEO, Clanmo
Frank Barknecht, RjDj
Andrew Fisher, Executive Manager, Shazam
Martin Thyssen, RIM