The Future of the Music Industry

New York Law School, April 16, 2010

Topic: The Future of Music Industry

Since the invention of electricity, technology has been the most determinative factor in the way we experience music. While The Record Industry might be fading into oblivion, and digital media rapidly replacing physical goods, the Music Industry, as we know it, is growing exponentially with possibilities as infinite as the Internet itself. In short, whether you’re an artist, manager, producer, or lawyer, exploitation of new technologies starts with embracing the Digital Revolution. Among MANY other topics, our 90-minute discussion will address:

• The Role of Major Record Labels in the New Music Industry
• Digital Distribution and the Influence of Social Networking Sites
• The Future of Copyright Law and Freely Flowing Music
• Real Solutions to Music Piracy
• New Artist Management Models and Getting PAID!

Bruce Colfin – Partner at Jacobson & Colfin, P.C.
Josh Grier – Sloss Eckhouse Brennan LawCo LLP
Jon Jekielek – Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC
David Mazur – MasurLaw
Jason Pascal – Vice President and Senior Counsel at The Orchard
Vladimir Vukicevic – Founder of Rocket Hub