The Legal Issues of Social Media

NYSBA Technology and Venture Law Committee, September 17, 2008

Topic: The Legal Issues of Social Media and Social Networking Sites

This panel provided an overview of pertinent legal concerns for operators of social media and social networking services. Issued discussed included the widespread use of unlicensed and user-generated content in the context of MGM v. Grokster and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act as well as implications of the Communications Decency Act on pictures and postings about private and public individuals. Panelists also discussed the ruling and implications of Io Group v. Veoh Networks in the context of the Viacom v. Google YouTube suit and briefly addressed the Fifth Circuit’s ruling in Doe v. MySpace.

Moderator: Steven R. Masur, Esq., Founding Partner, MasurLaw

Jonathan Lutzky, Esq., Associate Counsel, MasurLaw
Andrew Weinreich, CEO, MeetMoi
Jeffrey M. Liebenson, Esq., Counsel, Herrick, Feinstein LLP

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